• Why This Course?   Most riders will never ride on a race track, yet, many of the performance riding skills instruction focuses on skills appropriate for track racing. However, the difference in kinetic energy at the margin – where we ride on the race track – and the performance street riding speeds creates a large gap between what a rider is limited to on the track when compared to what they can do on the street.  This course fills that gap.
  • What are performance-riding skills?   Like any sport that involves equipment, the racers and top-of-the-class professionals use that equipment in ways to extract the best possible performance. In most sports, because the difference is more linear, however, tripling the speed on a motorcycle results in a 9X increase in Kinetic Energy. The skills needed in the two environments do not progress in a linear fashion.
  • Are there similarities?   There are many similarities and that is how this course is designed. For example a racer uses his or eyes in a way that transmits information through the nervous system in the fastest possible way. Second, the instinctive responses are correct for the situation. Unlike an untrained rider at higher speeds who will often experience survival reactions – often the exact opposite of what should be done.
  • What is the solution? We focus on distinctions, skill variations to make extract the most from the motorcycle at street speeds and we use drills to install the proper response into muscle memory. That way, when emergencies happened the rider avoids the typical survival reaction.
  • Instant Access - Five Modules that build on the previous one and each module has several lessons including demonstrations and drills.  repeat the course as often as you like.


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