Transformation Programs for   Growing Companies

Making the leap from Builder to Operator is the widest gap to cross as you scale your business.  This is the leap that you have to let go to grow.  You'll rely on systems to replicate yourself across your leadership team but you also have to learn to delegate your success.  We use the Seven Fitness Areas Framework that takes the leader from a HAVE - DO - BE (or DO-HAVE-BE) paradigm to a BE - DO - HAVE approach to life and their business.

When it comes to getting high performance results through others, success is according to what you become, not you have done.

We help you install the tools, systems and capabilities necessary for your leadership team to replicate and multiply what you do for your company.

The Big Leap To Operator

This is the most demanding transformation because you have to expand Sales to fund the growth and at the same time give up some control so you can focus on operationalizing what you created. Building systems and processes to remove yourself from some of the day-to-day decision-making takes time and energy. Yet, you don't have the team in place to free you up.

You will need to apply leadership best practices so your teams function at a high level while you establish capabilities that will bring additional profitable revenue. Some of this will involve improving your lead conversion and sales process and some will come from leveraging your strengths for new opportunities.

3 Month Transformation 

  • The 3 Month program is structured as DIY but we may have proofs of concept, short-term fixes, and training to support the work
  • Uses a mentoring format which includes joint work, and related assignments to ensure the plan is comprehensive and the on-ramp effective
  • Includes Leadership and Sales Development plus implementation intentions and prescriptive frameworks to support success

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