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Making the leap from Builder to Operator is the widest gap to cross as you scale your business. This is the leap that you have to let go to grow. You'll rely on systems to replicate yourself across your leadership team but you also have to learn to delegate your success. We use the Seven Fitness Areas Framework that takes the leader from a HAVE - DO - BE (or DO-HAVE-BE) paradigm to a BE - DO - HAVE approach to life and their business.

When it comes to getting high performance results through others, success is according to what you become, not you have done.

We help you install the tools, systems and capabilities necessary for your leadership team to replicate and multiply what you do for your company.


From Working In Your Business 24/7


To Delegating Leadership, Methodologies and Principles

Every business is different and every leader is different. However, the need to shift to a BE - DO - HAVE paradigm is essential - your results at the Operator level are according to who you become...not what you do

The Big Leap To Operator

This is the most demanding transformation because you have  to expand Sales to fund the growth and at the same time give up some control so you can focus on operationalizing what you created.  Building systems and processes to remove yourself from some of the day to day decision making takes time and energy.  Yet, you don't have the team in place yet to free you up. 

You will need to apply leadership best practices so your teams function at a high level while you establish capabilities that will bring additional profitable revenue.  Some of this will involve improving your lead conversion and sales process and some will come from leveraging your strengths for new opportunities.

Blueprint Discovery Call

  • 90 Minute Coaching & Mentoring session to  develop the blueprint for your transformation
  • The same Project Leadership Blueprint we use in our 3 Month
  • Comprehensive design document that you can use to build the details for your transformation

3 Month Transformation 

  • The 3 Month program is structured as DIT but we may have proofs of concept, short term fix installations and training to suppor the work
  • Mentoring format which includes joint work, related assignments to ensure the plan is comprehensive
  • Leadership and Sales Development plus implementation intentions and frameworks to support success

12 Month Transformation

  • Done With You engaement including neuro change curriculum
  • Skill development, individual and group coaching
  • Leadership coaching and development and installation of systems 
  • Joint effort and virtual COO support

Additional Resources To Jumpstart Your Journey

 There is no shortage of tools, applications, resources and turnkey solutions that are designed to make the jump to the next phase easier.  The reality is integration is always an unknown cost. More importantly, your business is a like a living organism made up of people and serving people - both customers and employees.  My view is that beginning with the end in mind is the right way to build capabilities into your organization.  Below are some external resources that are flexibile enough to allow you to build onto your vision yet, structured enough so you don't have to waste time searching and exploring.  These resources may be replaced by others in the future but the foundation of the resources below is strong enough I expect them to occupy this space for a long time.

If you are in one of transformation programs, follow me on my Life Expansion After 50 Podcast or hanging out in the member's area, these programs are aligned with the approaches I advocate and makes it easy for you to get the prescriptive development based on where you are on your journey.

Ultimate Success

The human brain has not changed in well over several hundred thousand years. Ultimate Success Masterclass is a well-organized curriculum to introduce the new or experienced person to the fundamentals of personal mastery, and personal development. The twelve week drip format is very effective.

Mind Movies

Mind Movies combines the power of a Vision Board, Affirmations, and music and more.  This tool starts with your affirmations and quickly enables you to created a movie with your favorite music, inspiring images tagged with your affirmations in a compelling video of any desired length

DOTCOM Secrets

The last twenty years is almost like multiple lifetimes when it comes to selling your products and services online.  Finally there is a book that is based on fundamentals that won't change. Just like the human brain hasn't changed in hundreds of thousands of years, the principles of how people buy haven't changed either

Mind Valley

Mind Valley has hundreds of high quality courses by some of the world's top experts.  The journey starts with a life 20 minute life assessment and builds a curriculum designed to help them structure their personal journey to peak performance and be part of a team that grows together

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The Seven Fitness Areas Framework is the foundation for our work with individuals and companies. It is built on the premise that true success and self-actualization comes out of a BE-DO-HAVE paradigm and placing the reigns of our lives back in the hands of the conscious mind because most people have turned 95% of their waking hours to the unconscious

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